smear of divine rotting


a body my same size
precious memories forgotten

in my peaceful inner world i sit on against the storm laced sky on a grassy hill where the world is dark but the grass is so bright, and i have my wings again. and the blue star flowers and baby's breath and yarrow all sway with sweet rain air and there is a cemetary i can sleep in.

born in 2002.
frankenstein surgical heaven angel.
reactive attachment disorder + others

flower of mold, made of cigarettes, graveyard lace, thunder inflamed clouds, department store lighting, and swollen soft body of suffering.

i have been around the internet for a long time. my first computer was a windows xp, then to vista, then to 7, and now at 10. when i was little i would think about how infinite everything seemed. our xp was on a play kitchen table with tiny chairs and the hoard was piled up around it. i loved that computer more than anything in the whole world, and would spend countless hours searching the web, playing games, and watching videos. everything about the internet back then was dreamy, disarming, and violently itself.